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We focus on artistic design and craftsmanship, aiming to deliver spaces that exude passion, care, and bring joy to our clients personal spaces.

Combining Design & Build Since 2006

The Lombardo Luxury Build Group is a collective of Lombardo Landscaping and Lombardo Pools, dedicated to delivering excellence in both outdoor and interior custom renovations. Our distinction lies not just in our versatility but also in our commitment to using only luxurious and high-quality products, ensuring lasting elegance and durability.

 If you’re thinking about completely transforming your outdoor living environment, whether at home or your business, we have a solution for you! We use the highest quality products to ensure that your project is of the utmost excellence. We are a State certified residential contractor with the ability to design and build your outdoor space including services such as professional CAD drawings and 3D design imaging, pool additions and renovations, outdoor kitchens, screen and patio additions, custom structural features, custom fire features, lighting and audio, and water features.

With our dedication to merging functionality with luxury, and our promise of lasting quality, we are poised to transform any space into a lavish sanctuary.

Contractors License: CRC1333967

About The Owner

Matthew Lombardo, the founder of Lombardo Luxury Build Group, carries an inherent passion for crafting exquisite indoor and outdoor spaces that echo his profound admiration for nature. With over two decades of experience in the design/build industry, Matthew has consistently curated artistic masterpieces through his ventures, including Lombardo Landscaping & Water Features and Lombardo Pools. An alumnus of FGCU, Matthew’s tireless work ethic stems from his Buffalo, New York upbringing, where his entrepreneurial journey began at the tender age of 15. His vision transcends beyond creating mere structures; Matthew is committed to infusing every space with passion and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each project serves as a personal oasis that continually brings joy and comfort to his distinguished clientele.​.

matthew lombardo


Matthew Lombardo, Owner and Luxury Design Specialist

Matthew Lombardo

Owner and Luxury Design Specialist

Olivia Rangel, Director of Administration

Olivia Rangel

Director of Administration

Will McCroskery, Director of Operations

Will McCroskery

Director of Operations

Matthew Lam, Project Manager

Matthew Lam

Project Manager

Winfield Lentz, Sales and Design

Winfield Lentz

Sales and Design

Ian Alvares, Design

Ian Alvares


Heather Bemis, Accounts Payable Receivable Specialist

Heather Bemis

Accounts Payable-Receivable Specialist

Christianna Tedesco, Purchasing

Christianna Tedesco


Tracy Schmidt, Customer Service Specialist

Tracy Schmidt

Customer Service Specialist

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the highest level of luxury through our passion, creativity, and experience to the design build industry, we will utilize our skills and talents to ensure we build our clients a home or outdoor living space that transports you to your own personal oasis whether you are inside or outside.

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