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Lombardo Luxury Build Group

In the world of luxury living, Lombardo Luxury Build Group stands apart, offering more than just outdoor spaces. For those who envision an elegant transition between the intimacy of their interiors and the vast allure of the outdoors, we present our bespoke lanai design and construction service in Southwest, Florida.

Every Lombardo lanai is a testament to masterful craftsmanship, an embodiment of precision, aesthetics, and functionality, turning each design into a timeless piece of art. Our recognition of the unique desires of our esteemed clientele allows us to tailor designs that echo refined tastes, integrating seamlessly with the architectural splendor of your residence.

Experience the enchantment of indoor comfort melded with outdoor majesty. Beyond the aesthetics, Lombardo Luxury Build Group assures unwavering quality and durability in every detail, from material selection to intricate design nuances.

Entrust Lombardo Luxury Build Group with your vision. Contact us today at (239) 247-2414 or connect with us online to schedule a consultation.

Get These Benefits of Having a Lanai in Your Luxury Home!

Incorporating a lanai transforms your garden from a simple green space to a multifunctional extension of your luxurious life!

The Lombardo Assurance

In the fast-paced realm of luxury living, we understand that your time is invaluable. When you envision a space, you deserve a service that harmonizes with your dynamic lifestyle, ensuring your ideas come to life without a hitch.
  • Complete Dedication, Zero Interruptions

    Your daily routine should remain undisturbed. With Lombardo Luxury Build Group, entrust us with your ideas, no matter how intricate or expansive. From that moment, consider it done. We are here to transform your dreams into tangible luxury.

  • Comprehensive Outdoor Living Company

    No subcontractors, no unexpected visits, no delays. Our dedicated in-house team ensures that every facet of your project is handled with the utmost precision and care. We're not just building a space; we're crafting an experience—one that aligns with the standards you uphold.

  • Relax, We've Got This

    While we bring your vision to life, there's nothing for you to worry about. Continue with your endeavors, be they business meetings in the city or retreats in far-off locales. Rest assured, when you return, you'll be greeted by a masterpiece tailored to your desires.

Experience Lombardo, Experience Luxury

At Lombardo Luxury Build Group, we combine indoor style with outdoor peace. Our team crafts special experiences for you. Let’s build your luxury lanai today! Dial (239) 247-2414 for more details.

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